Jive Revision Videos

Welcome to the class revision page. Here you will find a short video of the Beginners and Intermediate moves as a visual reminder.

Please note you will need the password that your teacher announced at class. If you do not have this, please e-mail info@coolmovesdance.co.uk.

 Week 1 Beginners - 1st Move

 Week 1 Intermediates - The Kensington

Week 2 Beginners - Man's Pass

Week 2 Intermediates - Diablo

Week 3 Beginners - SBS Charleston

Week 3 Intermediates - Latchlock

Week 4 Beginners - 1st Move Pass

Week 4 Intermediates - Sarah's Salsa

Week 5 Beginners - Jockey

Week 5 Intermediates - H2H Charlie

Week 6 Beginners - Can-Can

Week 6 Intermediates
Nigel's Wrap & Sway

Week 7 Beginners - Yoyo

Week 7 Intermediates - Wurlipult

Week 8 Beginners - 1st Move Basket

Week 8 Intermediates - Criss Cross

Week 9 Beginners - Promenade

Week 9 Intermediates - Log Roller

Week 10 Beginners - Under Arm Yoyo

Week 10 Intermediates - Half Nelson

Week 11 Beginners - Hacksaw

Week 11 Intermediates - Teapot Stir

Week 12 Beginners - Nigel's Move

Week 12 Intermediates - Catapult

Week 13 Beginners - Pushspin

Week 13 Intermediates - Super Duper

Week 14 Beginners - Figure of Eight

Week 14 Intermediates - Reverse Archie

Week 15 Beginners - Octopus

Week 15 Intermediates - SW Butterfly

Week 16 Beginners - TG TG Charleston

Week 16 Intermediates - 1st Move Sway


  1. Hi... I can see the titles... Man swing, Nigel's move etc. but there are no videos to see. Is it because I'm using and iPad? I downloaded Google chrome that gets me this far but no further!

  2. Hi, It looks like it is a bug with Blogger, so will look into why it is not showing on ipads. After looking around it seems this problem is one that happens alot. Normally the videos will work with all browsers (including Safari), but not IE.

  3. Update 27/5/15 - All bugs fixed for mobile, ipad and internet explorer. The revision page, no longer needs a password, only the videos.

  4. Hi Matt and Sarah,
    Loving the revision videos, they are great.
    The one titled Corkscrew is actually jive arms.

  5. Glad you like them, have updated the Corkscrew video :)

  6. really helpful to be able to watch the moves over and over,good idea.peter.

  7. great to be able to view the moves over again, really helpful.

  8. thank you for reviews video. Agnes

  9. Hi

    love the classes and use the videos to help keep up! :) any chance of posting the last week's video to practice?


    1. Ooops, thanks you for pointing that out, all added now :)

  10. hi matt,not seeing or hearing practice videos

  11. just black spaces matt

  12. Hi Pete,

    I have just tested in on my ipad and it is working okay for me (picture and sound), what ipad and os are you using?

  13. Are there going to be week 16 videos posted, please?

  14. Hi - it's still wanting a password and I have no idea what it is. So no revision for me before tonight's class - eek!

  15. Hi Angie, You will need the password which is announced by your teacher at class. If you do not have this, please check with your teacher or e-mail info@coolmovesdance.co.uk