Dance Nights

Dance Nights 2018

Feb 24th, 8 - Midnight, The AlligatorsRichmond Club, HR4 9JP

March 10th,  DJ Jive @Stretton Sugwas, 8-11pm

March 24th, 8 - Midnight, The Del Sharrons, Leominster Sports & Social Club, HR6 8JQ

April 14th, 8 - Midnight, Cue Ball KatzLeominster Sports & Social Club, HR6 8JQ

May 12th,  DJ Jive @The Castle, 8-11pm

May 26th, DJ Jive @Bishops Frome, 8-11pm

June 23rd,  DJ Jive @The Castle, 8-11pm

July 21st, DJ Jive @Bishops Frome, 8-11pm 

August 11th, Summer Party @The Castle, 8-11pm

Sept 29th, DJ Jive @Bishops Frome, 8-11pm

Oct 20th, 8 - Midnight, Play It CoolRichmond Club, HR4 9JP

Nov 24th, 8 - Midnight, VintageRichmond Club, HR4 9JP

Dec 8th, 8 - Midnight, Memphis Lee & the Creepers, Leominster Sports & Social Club, HR6 8JQ 

Dec 29th,  DJ Jive @The Castle, 8-11pm

For directions or other info speak to your teacher or e-mail